Robyn 32 (she/her)
Spill. What is street photography to you?
People watching but with hard evidence of who I’ve been looking at! It’s really interesting how a normal boring street isn’t actually boring at all when you look at it more closely to take photos of who’s there. And the shots that different people take on the same street give you an idea of what sort of thing catches their attention and what sort of people they gravitate towards. Artistically speaking anyway.
"Hard evidence of who I've been looking at" I like that. What is it you enjoy specifically about street photography?
I’m pretty new to “proper” photography, having spent the majority of my life using only a phone to take pictures, so for me it’s a way to get practice in! I don’t have to go far or put too much effort to get to deal with composing something interesting, focussing on moving targets, adapting to changing light conditions and that kind of thing. Plus I’m freakishly observant so it’s nice to be able to put my darting eyes to good use and see some interesting stuff for a real reason!
Fast moving targets give me the fear, sometimes I miss a decent autofocus. What other kinds of photography are you into?
My real love is nature. Birds, mushrooms, moss, more birds. And landscapes (of nature). And my dogs being incredibly handsome. Honestly I take photos of everything and I wouldn’t want to limit myself by choosing to specialise since it’s just a hobby.
Tell me about your set up. Go to camera & lens set up for street for example, and what do you like about it?
Previously I was on a borrowed Leica Q2, now have my own Fuji X-T5 and 16-80 f4 lens which I use most of the time and usually at the short end, but I do often use an 18mm f2 if I want something lighter, and just for experimenting sake I’ve tried a 35mm f2. So ideally I’m not going over 28mm because I prefer the look of a wider lens and the context you can include with more in the frame. Plus it’s just a comfortable and natural feeling field of view for me. I hold it in my hand not round my neck and I like my set up because it feels good in my hand and I don’t get tired after holding it for a long time!
I feel the exact same toward wider focal lengths. I'm trying my hand at 50mm right now which many people swear by, and the lens is beautiful, but I fucking hate the photos I'm taking with it.
So... Tell the world, what brought you to Glasgow?
You did. Fell in love didn’t I? And long distance was Not It.
Goddamn right.

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